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Design is passion, dedication and commitment.

My passion is a sensitive approach of work, and a comprehensive relationship to my clients.

My dedication is not to compromise my understanding of good design, but in the meantime to understand my client’s aspiration. My commitment is the satisfaction of my clients, and the achievement of a client centric, well designed environment.

Architect with very strong Design Skills, passionate about Interior Design, 9 years ample experience with the most famous Architect offices in Germany and Dubai.


Since January 2014
Freelance interior designer

January 2012 – January 2014
Interior Designer @ NAGA Architects. Concept, Schematic and Design Development for Residential Buildings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

September 2010 – December 2011
Freelance Interior Designer for Residential Buildings and Retail Shop in Dubai.

July – September 2012
Quantum AG, Hamburg Germany, Development Company. Standardize design guidelines for offices.

October 2009 – June 2010
Interior Designer for Furniture Company, Dubai. Concept, Schematic Design and FF&E for Residential villas.

July – September 2009
Quantum AG, Hamburg Germany, Standardize Design Guidelines for Restrooms in commercial buildings.

October 2008 – May 2009
Freelance Architect for KZA Architects in Essen / Germany / Dubai.

March 2008
Freelance Architect, Concept Design for a 5 Bedroom Villa in Dubai.

June 2006 – May 2007
Conception and Development Furnitures for Medical clinics. Interior design “ARS” Architekten, Haan / Germany.

April 2001 – April 2004
Project Architect for Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Jokiel, Duesseldorf / Germany.

November 2000 – March 2001
Architect for RKW Dusseldorf / Germany, Urban development in Dusseldorf, Competition Department.

April 2000 – Today
Today creating my own label “Pa-tata”, Kidswear